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Crawford Art Gallery presents a major new exhibition, A Matter of Time, which considers temporality within a broad spectrum and focusing on the human experience. Featuring artists: Darren Almond, Kevin Atherton, Sara Baume, Cecily Brennan, Ursula Burke, Elaine Byrne, Gary Coyle, Dorothy Cross, Jamie Cross, Mollie Douthit, Amanda Dunsmore, Joy Gerrard, Rula Halawani, Rebecca Horn, Austin Ivers, Nick Miller, Brian O’Doherty, Kathy Prendergast, Gail Ritchie, Patrick Scott, Naomi Sex, Yinka Shonibare CBE, Nedko Solakov, Phillip Toledano, Daphne Wright.



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A Matter of Time

Crowford Art Gallery, Cork (Ireland)

17.02 - 03.06.2024




Time is part of how we think about the world and our existence. It is present in the most common and sometimes mundane of human activities and in the more significant and profound. Time can be wasteful, enduring, precious and elusive and can be measured through seconds passing on a clock or by the growth spurt of a teenager. Yet, time is also a central characteristic of power, control, capitalism, morality and belief.

Displayed over two gallery floors, and featuring over sixty works by twenty-five Irish and International artists, the exhibition alludes to and includes themes of nationhood, post-colonialism, appropriation, memory, health, urbanism, mediation, re-emergence, hope and legacy.

Crawford Art Gallery is a national cultural instiutition (Cork, Ireland) and is dedicated to contemporary and historic Irish and international visual art. It offers a dynamic programme of temporary exhibitions which probe the future, contemplate the present and reveal the past to create engaging conversations across the timelines. Located in a significant heritage building in the heart of Cork city, it is also home to a collection of over 3,300 artworks.

Exhibition 17 February - 03 June 2024. Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place – Cork (Ireland). T +353 21 480 5042. Hours: Monday–Saterday 10am–5pm, Thursday 10am–8pm, Sunday 11am–4pm





A Matter of Time, Crowford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland

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Phillip Toledano, Untitled, from the series “nother America,”2023. © the artist.

Phillip Toledano, Untitled, from the series “nother America,”2023. © the artist.