Press Release of Centre de la photographie, Genève

The Centre de la photographie Genève is pleased to present the first major solo exhibition of the Geneva-based artist Anastasia Mityukova. It will bring together for the first time a major part of her work dedicated to the visual culture of the Arctic and the North Pole.



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Anastasia Mityukova, Have You Ever Seen an Iceberg Under the Rain ?

Centre de la photographie, Genève (Switzerland)

15.02 - 16.04.202




Here, the Arctic reeks of death. In residence in Qaanaaq, the northernmost town in Greenland, Anastasia Mityukova measures the distance between the imaginary of the Arctic Circle and its reality. For several years, she has been studying, deconstructing and confronting the Western visual culture of the North Pole with reality. Shaped by countless documentary films, illustrated books or photographic reports, it is based on explorers acclaimed as heroes, a fauna that has become a generic symbol of global warming, or immaculate and iconic landscapes. These images give pride of place to fantasies of purity, adventure, exoticism and authenticity, obfuscating more complex realities: geopolitical interests on all sides, a colonial history that is little discussed as such, or a certain ambivalence in the face of climate change representing risks, but also opportunities. The artist seizes on these contradictions to bring nuance and complexity to these representations.

Exhibition 15 February - 16 April 2023. Centre de la photographie Genève, 28 rue des Bains - 1205 Genève (Switzerland). T +41 22 329 28 35. Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12:00-18:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00 - 18:00.






Anastasia Mityukova, Centre de la photographie, Genève, Switzerland

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