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Claire Trotignon’s solo exhibition at La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach, displayed beneath the space’s glass roof near Rue Faider, features a collection of unique collages, drawings, and sculptures.

Through her drawings and installations, the artist skillfully builds upon paper to seek out and draw in space. Shattering linear narration and traditional perspective, Trotignon implements the collision of heterogeneous elements by expanding upon the delicate streak and scoring of recomposed fragments, giving rise to new spatio-temporal horizons.

Indeed, the amalgamation of heterogeneity and multitudinal sources conceive a prismatic image. Thus playing on relativistic, anachronistic parameters, the artist reaches equilibrium through her vacant drawings as the very space she defines remains in reserve.

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Claire Trotignon, Italian Ice Cream in the Wind

Patinoire Royale Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels (Belgium)

20.04 - 27.05.2023




Combining landscapes, buildings, and cartography, a form of ruin can be perceived within her work, becoming both a symbol of loss and a reading in reserve of our reality. Ruin appears frequently in Claire Trotignon’s creation; it is a conflicting concept existing between its physical materiality and the immateriality that it implies. A perfect equilibrium amidst void, desolation, and disruption. Much like Alain Schnapp’s depiction, one can interpret the ruin she portrays as a constant movement, a cyclic form whose aim is to return to nature. It is a question of perceiving it as a dynamic rather than an opposition, it can then be a flow, a line, a drawing.

Italian Ice cream in the wind delineates this spatial melody, where flying fragments define gravity’s perception as it appropriates the space it encapsulates.

The artist has created a series of new works for the exhibition, including a landscape whose deconstructed nature contains a plethora of past and future temporalities in the pink mist that lodges within. Ruin is indicated at various spatial and temporal scales. The horizon is delimited by a fluorescent tint of pink and orange suggesting fog, a light designated by the artist as a post-anthropocene vision of the atmosphere, neither threatening nor romantic, but a mineral environment where the rock hybridizes and takes life.

Twilight’s reclining, coral sky is associated with a romantic and contemplative depiction of a landscape. Indeed, the sky’s color is often indicative of the sun’s temperament. However, it has now been determined that the rising intensity of these sunsets is due to an increase in atmospheric pollutants. One must question whether this phenomenon truly evokes rising hopes for tomorrow’s sun, when the luxury of mere contemplation becomes inaccessible.

Claire Trotignon, born in Rochefort, France in 1984, resides and works in Paris and Tours. In 2008, she graduated with honors from the École supérieure des beaux-arts de Tours, and was awarded the renowned Art[]Collector prize by our associates Evelyne and Jacques Deret in 2021. She has distinguished herself as one of her generation’s most talented artists. A French institutional art venue dedicates a solo show to her each year. (FRAC IDF, CAC Le Shed, Centre Pompidou Metz). Her work has been shown both in France and overseas (Fondation Louis Vuitton, Venice Architecture Biennale, FIAC, Untitled Miami) and has been included in public collections (Collection Société Générale, BNF, FMAC, New York Public Library) and countless private collections.

Exhibition 20 April -27 May 2023. Patinoire Royale Galerie Valérie Bach, rue Veydt 15 - 1060 Brussels (Belgium).  T. +32 (0)2 533 03 90. Hours: - Tuesday - Friday 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. - Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm - closed on Sunday and Monday






Claire Trotignon, Italian Ice Cream in the Wind, La Patinoire Royale, Brussels, Belgium

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