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In spring 2024 Bergen Kunsthall presents an extensive thematic exhibition exploring the role of art in the history of ecological resistance movements in the Nordic countries. At a moment when ecological questions—and their relation to questions of social justice and colonial conditions—are becoming increasingly pressing, this project looks at artistic work dealing with nature from a multiplicity of viewpoints, with works by visual artists, writers and activists, working as individuals or in groups. The exhibition also includes several sections of documentary material selected by research collaborators, including Marius Heyerdahl’s early eco-activist project Den siste alke (The Last Auk) and the history of the Máze group (Mázejoavku) art collective.



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Bergen Kunsthall (Norge)

26.01 - 07.04.2024




Nature is one of the crucial topics in Nordic art histories. Through landscape painting and an interest in stunning geographical features during the 19th century, artists developed regionally specific working fields. In Norway, the images of coastal and mountain landscapes became a pillar of national identity and are still featured in marketing today. On the other hand, since the 1960s, the precarity of nature has become an important topic for many artists, with concern for the environment and the future of nature as well as humans who depend on these resources. In this exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall explores the relevance of nature for artistic debates, how nature is approached, how nature is conceptualised and constructed: what do artworks tell us about our changing relationship to nature, but also how we conceptualise ourselves as human beings? How do we understand ourselves as part of the environment (and nature)?

The exhibition draws historical lines between some of the earliest examples of what is today known as Land Art and recent generations of artists treating nature as a collaborative partner. Artists and works in the exhibition include Tina Buddeberg’s Dreamvalley, in which humans and animals co-exist, Jenna Sutela’s compost installation Vermi-Cell where soil and worms generate power for an audio piece and works by Carola Grahn whose works often combine dark humour, popular culture and Sámi traditions. These works are presented alongside historical works by pioneers such as Bård Breivik, Monica Sjöö, Annette Holdensen and Jan Håfström among others.

Artists: Jannik Abel, Damien Ajavon, Sissel M. Bergh, Bård Breivik, Tina Buddeberg, Adrian Bugge, Conference of the Birds, Carola Grahn, Johanne Hestvold, Annette Holdensen, Marius Heyerdahl, Lars Holdhus / Matskogen på Landås, Inghild Karlsen, Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Mustarinda, Jumana Manna, OEI (Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg w / Gert Aspelin, Cilla Ericson, Jan Håfström, Beth Laurin), Ingrid Elsa Maria Ogenstedt, Sata Taas, Anders Sunna, Monica Sjöö, Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land, Egil Storeide, Lada Suomenrinne, Jenna Sutela, Jon Benjamin Tallerås, Silje Figenschou Thoresen, Wild Seeds and KVAE & BARK and others.

Another focus of the project is on ideas of collaboration and community building, with many contributions that include talks, dinners, workshops and performances, using the exhibition as a site for participation and a platform for multiple voices.

The exhibition is curated by Axel Wieder and Silja Leifsdottir.

Exhibition 26 January - 07 April 2024. Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé 5 - 5015 Bergen (Norway). T +47 940 15 050. Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm, Thursday 11am–8pm.





Earthworks, Bergen Kunsthall, Norge

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1] Earthworks, 2023. Bergen Kunsthall. [2] Bård Breivik, 23 Level (Snowballs), 1970. Courtesy of Kode Bergen Art Museum. [3] Tina Buddeberg, Dream Valley. Photo: Simone Weber.

1] Earthworks, 2023. Bergen Kunsthall. [2] Bård Breivik, 23 Level (Snowballs), 1970. Courtesy of Kode Bergen Art Museum. [3] Tina Buddeberg, Dream Valley. Photo: Simone Weber.