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S.M.A.K. (Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent) presents the solo exhibition Several Reenactments by the internationally renowned artist Haegue Yang. Negotiating and traversing boundaries throughout her career—etween different geographies, historical eras, and artistic styles—ang creates materially rich works and compositionally specific installations and arrangements for each exhibition. Her refined yet singular vision of materiality, combined with an elegant sense of space and atmosphere, has contributed to the development of enveloping and resonant installations. Distinguished by its formal agility and capacity to convey a wide range of ideas, histories, perceptions, and emotions, Yang’ intriguing and evocative oeuvre encompasses large-scale sculptures and installations as well as works on paper, photography, video essays, audio pieces, sound, and text-based work. As sensorial as they are fluid, her immersive works result in “ kind of mapping of times and places that are not normally neighbours.”



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International Archives 1st half of 2023

Haegue Yang, Several Reenactments

SMAK, Ghent (Belgium)

22.04 - 10.09.2023




Several Reenactments is Yang’ first solo exhibition in a Belgian museum and pivots on notions of recurrence, reflecting the artist’ lasting preoccupation with doubling, mirroring, and reiterating. In this exhibition, Yang seeks out the obscure, mysterious, and yet inherently intense qualities of repetition in her work. A process of continuous circling creates a strong intercontextuality in her practice, to the extent that her works often appear as pairs or interconnected groups.

Yang has created a new seventeen-part work entitled Warrior Believer Lover—ersion Sonic (2023) at S.M.A.K. Occupying the Central Gallery and arranged in groups, these sculptural ensembles are reenactments of another multi-part installation entitled Warrior Believer Lover (2011). Constituting a horizontally open sculptural field, Warrior Believer Lover—ersion Sonic is accompanied by Igor Stravinsky’ ballet music, Le Sacre du Printemps (1913). For each Cabinet Gallery on either side of the Central Gallery, the artist has created displays that mirror each other and build a “uasi-symmetry.”

The exhibition provides an account of Yang’ sculpture, which possesses a remarkably rich materiality, being primarily composed of industrially manufactured objects that are employed with craft-based techniques. Several Reenactments introduces the seemingly oppositional dialectics that run throughout her oeuvre, most notably the artisanal and rigorous treatment of ready-mades. Other paired concepts that come to the fore at S.M.A.K. are abstraction and figuration, the artificial and the organic, traditional and futuristic. These coupled themes constantly mirror each other. Yang’ exhibition is in line with her artistic practice, unfolding in an institutional context, while proposing a discreet yet resolute artistic commitment in response to the urgent global issues surrounding migration, identity, and community. Excavating from unexpected, even imagined encounters, complex cross-linkages, and sometimes contradictory and disparate translations of forms, lives, cultures, eras, traditions, and practices, she unearths in the here and now shared meanings and distils plausible contemporary entities.

Exhibition 22 April -10 September 2023. S.M.A.K., Jan Hoetplein 1 - 9000 Ghent (Belgium). T +32 9 323 60 01. Hours: Tuesday–Friday 9:30am–5:30pm, Saturday–Sunday 10am–6pm






Haegue Yang, Several Reenactments, SMAK, Ghent, Belgium

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Haegue Yang, Sonic Female Natives (detail), 2023. © and courtesy of the artist. Photo: Studio Haegue Yang.

Haegue Yang, Sonic Female Natives (detail), 2023. © and courtesy of the artist. Photo: Studio Haegue Yang.