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Gasworks presents the first London solo exhibition by Malmöbased artist Ingela Ihrman. Moving freely between performance, sculpture and video, her work evokes the interconnected coexistence of seemingly humble life-forms such as invasive weeds, intestinal flora, extinct amphibians and nocturnal birds.



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Ingela Ihrman, Nocturne

Gasworks, London (United Kingdom)

02.02 - 30.04.2023




At Gasworks, Ihrman presents both new and existing works, integrating them into a mythological arc inspired by the life (and imagined death) of Swedish nature filmmaker Jan Lindblad. The exhibition opens with Green Paradise (2009), an early video work which offers a gastroscopy-like journey into the meandering digestive tract of a giant snake, imagining what Lindblad would have seen from inside the anaconda he famously wrestled during one of his filming expeditions to the South American rainforest.

A newly-commissioned wearable sculpture will enable viewers to merge—uite literally—ith nature, by embodying Lindblad’ partially digested remains after his close encounter with an anaconda. In dialogue with these works, Ihrman will also present a new iteration of Oilbird with Nestling (2021), a work produced in conditions of self-isolation during the pandemic. Transforming the gallery into a pitch-dark nesting cave, Ihrman will encourage viewers to become nocturnal creatures and learn to navigate the exhibition space by echolocation.

Ihrman’ exhibition is commissioned and produced by Gasworks with support from IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’ international programme for visual and applied arts.

Exhibition 02 February -30 April 2023. Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street - London SE11 5RH (United Kingdom). T +44 20 7587 5202.  Hours: Wednesday–Sunday 12–pm






Ingela Ihrman, Nocturne, Gasworks, London, United Kingdom

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Ingela Ihrman, The Passion Flower Blooms, 2017. Performance at der Tank, Institut Kunst FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Claude Barrault.