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Z33 is presenting the first solo exhibition by Mae-ling Lokko. The work of the Ghanaian-Filipina architectural scientist and researcher focuses on the reuse of agricultural waste and biomaterials. Grounds for Return brings together her exploration of sustainable and just production chains, with a selection of older and new projects.



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Mae-Ling Lokko, Grounds for Return

Art Museum Z33, Hasselt (Belgium)

26.09.2021 - 09.01.2022




To return value to the earth, she investigates alternative forms of building and living together. For example, Lokko uses coconut waste and mycelium (fungal thread) to design large-scale gateways and tunnels at Z33. By using recycled natural resources from Ghana, she aims to reduce the further depletion of exhausted land.

The route around the exhibition feels like a sensorial journey. It follows the cycle in which both crops and even homes can arise out of the ground, in order in their turn to revive the land and the community.

Grounds for Return consists of a series of installations created specifically for Z33, a mural designed with Nana Afua Pierre Haynes and a table installation developed during her inaugural residency with the Ghanaian artist El Anatsui in Accra and designed in collaboration with the culinary artist and chef Selassie Atadika.

Curators: Silvia Franceschini, Tim Roerig, Heleen Van Loon

Exhibition 26 September 2021 - 09 January 2022. Art Museum Z33 pour l'Art Contemporain, le Design et l'Architecture, Rue Bonnefantens 1 - 3500 Hasselt (Belgiqum). T +32 11 29 59 60. Hours: Wednesday–Monday 11am–6pm, Saturday–Sunday 10am–6pm







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Mae-Ling Lokko, Grounds for Return, Art Museum Z33, Hasselt, Belgium