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Praz-Delavallade is thrilled to present Storm Before the Calm, a multimedia group exhibition opening tonight, Saturday, 17 September in Los Angeles.



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Storm Before the Calm

Praz Delavallade Los Angeles (United States)
17.09 - 29.10.2022




“One’ mind and the earth are in a constant state of erosion,”wrote Robert Smithson in his seminal 1968 essay A Sedimentation of the Mind.“he actual disruption of the earth’ crust is at times very compelling, and seems to confirm Heraclitus’ Fragment 124, ‘he most beautiful world is like a heap of rubble tossed down in confusion.’ As these disruptions, far beyond any of those de-differtiations anticipated (or executed) by early land art pioneers, have increased over the decades, the confused beauty of the natural world has taken the form of what the British artist Marc Quinn has called the “oxic sublime.”As global temperatures increase, so does the disorder of the planet’ unleashed kinetic energy. We’e in a high entropy moment that is unleashing a new physical, but also metaphysical, landscape onto the planet.

Artists, from the Hague School to the Florida Highwaymen to the ecological art movement that took form alongside Smithson and his contemporaries, have always responded to the earth’ weather patterns, seasons, and thermodynamic changes in real time. But how do artists concerned with landscape respond to a planet in a state of high entropy that cannot be reversed, one trapped in a political climate where, to quote Yeats, “hings fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”But when the center cannot hold we’e often left with what Mike Kelley might have called “ less elevated beauty.”And this is the concern at the center of Storm Before the Calm, a multimedia group show at Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles focused on work that embraces—ithout any didactical prescriptions—this entropic (geo-political) climate that is constantly reshaping itself, and somehow creeping toward equilibrium. It’ a journey into the sublime of the time, a time when tomorrow will likely be more chaotic than today.

The artists : JPW3 / Charles Arnoldi / Natalie Arnoldi / Rachid Bouhamidi / Helen Chung / Jason David / Brad Eberhard / Yaron Michael Hakim / David Hicks / Olivia Hill / Tom LaDuke / Miguel Machado / Ken Gun Min / Jake Kean Mayman / Richard Nam / Jordie Oetkin / Patricia Iglesias Peco / Alicia Piller / Pam Posey / Alberto Regueira / Jackie Rines / Max Hooper Schneider / Jeremy Shockley / Cole Sternberg / Lani Trock / Kelly Wall / Liz Walsh / Marnie Weber / Emma Webster / Ben Wolf-Noam / Bari Ziperstein

About the Curator

Michael Slenske is a Los Angeles-based writer, editor and curator. He is a contributing writer for Los Angeles magazine, a contributing editor for Galerie, and has served as the editor- at-large of CULTURED and LALA and as a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Times’ DesignLA, Modern Painters and Art + Auction. Slenske runs and curates the artist-led pop-up The Street & The Shop (@thestreetandtheshopla), which has been staged at Tin Flats, Frieze LA, and NeueHouse Bradbury. Slenske has also curated exhibitions at Wilding Cran Gallery, The Landing Gallery, domicile (n.), Praz-Delavallade Projects and Spring/Break Art Show.

Brad Eberhard, Claudius, 2022, glazed stoneware

Exhibition 17 September - 29 October 2022. Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles - 6150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90048 (United States). T. +1 323 917 5044. Hours : Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm  





Storm Before the Calm, Praz Delavallade, Los Angeles, United States

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Brad Eberhard, Claudius, 2022, glazed stoneware